Monday, June 7, 2010

Just For You

Supplies used:Cosmo Cricket papers,Spellbinders,Quickutz Moxie skinnimini and leaf,SU cardstock,linen thread and stamps,PTI felt,MM button, DMC crochet thread #3.

Ok, really it's just for Paula....shhhhhhhhh.......don't tell her. (hopefully she won't see this post before she gets her package this week!) On second thought, hopefully she does read this so she knows to be looking for a kraft envelope in that cardboard box. It kinda blends in with the side of the box and could easily be pitched. That would be sad. Especially since I struggled for hours on that crochet flower! (just kidding)

I had a real crisis situation in the scrappy room this morning. There were bags and bags of stuff waiting to be lovingly fondled all over my table and I had no place to work on this card. I had to rush the whole process and unpack the bags. I hate that. I didn't give each little goodie the attention it so deserves. I just had to pile everything up in a corner and make promises to get back to it later.

I'm thinking about lining everything up for a photo shoot. I HAVE to share all my scrappy finds from last week! This is the problem with having absolutely no LSS in your town. When you finally get to shop at one, you totally blow your budget and throw caution (and any extra space you may have had left in your house) to the wind. I seriously have no idea where I'm going to put this stuff.

That's it--I'll have to share a pic tomorrow and you'll see why space is an issue. I went a little overboard on a certain something(or somethings) that are just ridiculously huge. And before you go thinking I went and bought 15 Cricut E's and a couple Silhouettes....I'm exaggerating. But still, they're beastly huge for the purpose they serve. Granted, it's a divine purpose.

Hope your week's off to a great start! I plan on being very scrappy this week...


  1. Love it! Great colors and too cute crochet flower. I'm going to have to make some.

  2. If you think this card looks good here, let me tell you it is absolutely SPECTACULAR in person. After seeing the crochet flowers in person (and checking out the tutorial(s) you linked for making them) I am seriously considering giving them a whirl. I did crochet a bit as a I might be able to manage it. Thanks for this beautiful card and the blog hop candy. Hope you have fun with all your new goodies. Can't wait to see the creations!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have really enjoyed drooling over these first few cards. Just so beautiful