Friday, January 23, 2009

In Answer to a Question on 2Peas

Here are pics of our kitchen remodel. A girl on 2Peas asked for input on kitchens with white cabinets and how to deal with them and I can remember just hating these cabinets when we moved in and at a total loss as to where to go with it. I hope this inspires her to work with what she has. It can truly be beautiful and fresh looking. I'll never go back to oak.

Looking back, I'm amazed we even bought this house with the kitchen looking like this. Jeff and I completely remodeled our previous house in El Paso to our tastes and had such a good time with it, I guess we wanted to do it again. I don't recommend buying a house with ANY wallpaper. Never again.

I do love my kitchen now. It's bigger than any other we've had with tons of cabinets. My plans are to rip out the awful white laminate countertops and install a brown/black fleck granite but we have to wait and see what Jeff's retirement holds for us.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are behind us and things are quieting down, I found some time to scrap again.woohoo!! It was a really good scrappy Christmas and I've been looking forward to playing with some new toys. The first was my new Cricut Storybook cart. I just LOVE this font! I cut it a few times and layered them together and then used SU! iridescent ice ep to make my own glittery thickers.

I know some of you might ask "why would you scrap pics of your dirty laundry and washer??" And I say--why not?? It was a really stressful time for us(well, primarily me) when our old one crapped out and we(again, me)had to research new washers and make a choice and then await the glorious delivery day. Everything went as planned, until the machine was unloaded from the truck and unboxed with a HUGE dent in the front. Yikes. I just couldn't accept it. I'm a perfectionist and let's face it--the new front loaders are BIG cash. So, they loaded my old one on the truck and the new dented washer along with it, and I was left with nothing. No washer for 2 weeks. I think I actually shed a tear when my I saw my old one sitting up there staring down at me asking "what did I do wrong? why do I have to go?". Crazy, I know. I was attached. We had that washer since day one of our marriage and it's made at least 7 military moves with us. It's been like family.

Well, I got over it. The new one is truly a thing of beauty (when it finally arrived dent-free). But I knew the LO I did of this really had to be about my feelings about saying goodbye to the old one.

Hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful holiday and you get back to scrapping again too!