Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Now that the holidays are behind us and things are quieting down, I found some time to scrap again.woohoo!! It was a really good scrappy Christmas and I've been looking forward to playing with some new toys. The first was my new Cricut Storybook cart. I just LOVE this font! I cut it a few times and layered them together and then used SU! iridescent ice ep to make my own glittery thickers.

I know some of you might ask "why would you scrap pics of your dirty laundry and washer??" And I say--why not?? It was a really stressful time for us(well, primarily me) when our old one crapped out and we(again, me)had to research new washers and make a choice and then await the glorious delivery day. Everything went as planned, until the machine was unloaded from the truck and unboxed with a HUGE dent in the front. Yikes. I just couldn't accept it. I'm a perfectionist and let's face it--the new front loaders are BIG cash. So, they loaded my old one on the truck and the new dented washer along with it, and I was left with nothing. No washer for 2 weeks. I think I actually shed a tear when my I saw my old one sitting up there staring down at me asking "what did I do wrong? why do I have to go?". Crazy, I know. I was attached. We had that washer since day one of our marriage and it's made at least 7 military moves with us. It's been like family.

Well, I got over it. The new one is truly a thing of beauty (when it finally arrived dent-free). But I knew the LO I did of this really had to be about my feelings about saying goodbye to the old one.

Hope everyone had a relaxing and wonderful holiday and you get back to scrapping again too!


  1. Happy New Year!! So glad you got a scrapbook goody to start the new year off right! Love the LO! I'm hoping to do more of those type LOs this year.