Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A very simple scraplift

I was pretty excited when I opened up the August issue of CK last month and saw Becky Higgins' very simple yet very classy and totally perfect framed piece on page 49. Yes, it's true. We've lived in this house for nearly 3 years and I have yet to hang one picture (well any piece of home decor at all) on the walls of our master bedroom. We finally got the paint color right 2 years ago and then the bedding came together a few weeks ago while shopping in DC and I found the absolute perfect art piece to hang over the bed just last week. AND-we hung it 2 days after buying it. That's a record around here, folks. Then, I see this classic beauty and knew this was what I have been looking for.

So, I found one of my pics from the desert garden in San Diego's Balboa Park that really showcases my favorite colors of lime/chartreuse green and peach/orange. The frame has a natural linen mat and coordinates perfectly with the other natural elements in our bedroom. And I'm hanging my own version of Becky's piece on the wall at the foot of our bed so I can wake up every morning to this beautiful sight.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

It's all in the packaging.

Sometimes I like the giving of the gift bag and card more than the gift itself. I love it when someone we know has a baby. I love browsing all the new cute baby stuff and hey-it's a great opportunity to use my giraffe die (which I see is going for several 100 $ on ebay lately). wha?!? This gift bag, I'll admit, sucked up several hours of my time one afternoon but isn't it too stinkin' cute?? I stamped all the little giraffes and then painstakingly colored them in and added some glossy accents to the snouts. Found a good use for what's left of my paper stacks(what I didn't already donate to area schools)-just trying to use up the stash-and I think the green paper was perfect! Then I used a couple border punches including the leave it to weaver punch that I couldn't pass up with a coupon and really had no idea if I would ever use it. Now I know what it's good for!

It's fun packaging gifts in a special way. Even if it just ends up in the trash at the end of the day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There's really no excuse...

I'm just a bad blogger. Life just gets in the way sometimes and I forget to update this with cool pics and other fun stuff. So we made our what's now becoming annual trek up to the DC area and I always love going up there. Know why?!? It makes me really appreciate where we live and how we live now. I have to admit it. I HATED living there 8 years ago and sometimes I long for big city life and excitement but then I get my quick fix on a week long trip like this and I'm good again for awhile. I don't miss things like the ever present parking lot called roads up there and I'm oh so thankful for my driveway and garage!! We truly are spoiled down here in the middle of nowhere and sometimes I need a swift kick in the a@# to remember that.

So last year we rode the train down into DC and I got some amazing shots down there-all of which I have yet to actually scrap-- and this year we decided to revisit one of our favorite spots, the Annapolis waterfront. It was gloomy and raining on and off all day but I was feeling nostalgic and really wanted to go see if the old restaurants were still there and if it just looked the same and it did!! It just felt like fall down there and made me not miss the passing of summer so much. We also checked out the townhome we lived in there (our military quarters that we also lived in there for awhile had long since been condemned and bulldozed-seriously) and the old neighborhood looked exactly the same! Well, they now have an extremely cool playground for the little ones that I would've died for back then for Chase and they don't take care of the yard nearly as good as we did :) We visited with my brother and his family too and it was just a nice trip all around. These are all shots of Annapolis.