Saturday, November 15, 2008

A fun timeline of pics

Here is a 2-pager I worked on yesterday for the circle journal I'm a part of on We were asked to put together a layout of pics from childhood to present and share some inside info about who we are. It was fun searching through old pics at my parents' house looking for shots that weren't completely and totally embarassing. You just can't do much though about all those high school pics with bad 80's hair (for those of us unfortunate souls who had the great misfortune of being in high school in that less than memorable moment of style and fashion history). I chose to cut it all off in '90 and start over. Good choice, I think.

I love the QK Nutmeg alpha that I used on this one! It's kinda chunky, kinda funky, and makes a statement. This spread is 8x8 so the alpha looks really large on here but would also look stunning on a 12x12 page too. (A great one for anyone on the fence).

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  1. I love it Cathy! Wasn't it fun to look through all those "old" photos - LOL! Times do change!