Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm no longer a Black Friday shopping virgin...

Wowzers!! We cleaned up AWESOME today!! A few days ago I was browsing around our PX on post here and spotted a handbag that I REALLY liked. When hubby got home that night I told him about it but he didn't ask for specifics and I kinda forgot about it. Over the last few days I decided I'd make Christmas easy for him and drag him off to the PX today for my present:) I was pretty anxious driving over there. There was only the one bag and I REALLY wanted it. Well, it was still there!!! And the best part--all handbags were 25% off!!! Saved us about $30 but our day got better... We had all but decided against buying our son a computer bundle for Christmas. We really blew the budget on him last year and didn't want to make it a habit. Well, we were aimlessly walking around the electronics section and they wheeled up a pallet of computers for DIRT CHEAP. This computer is faster than our laptops and PERFECT for the kid so, as we watched people quickly snatch these up, we made a fast decision to grab one ourselves and now I'm FINALLY excited about Christmas this year!!!

We finished up the day with another awesome shopping experience at Kohl's and Target and I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping!!

So, no card today. But man did I have a fabulous day!!!!

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