Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day!

Just one last Vday card to share. I tried paper-piecing on this one. I've seen this in the SCS gallery but wasn't sure I understood how to do it but it's really pretty simple. At least, this is my version of paper-piecing. I really have no idea if it's the "right" way of doing it but I liked the end result :) I know I've used these same products to death but I couldn't resist. The stamps are Pink Paislee and the white embossed hearts are a Martha Stewart punch. Now it's time to kick back, let my honey take me to lunch today and then squeeze in some shopping.shhhhhhhhh..... he doesn't know that's in the plans....


  1. Super Fantastic!!!! You rock when to comes to card making. I am a big fan of owls. this is just about the cutest one I have seen in ages. Where did you get that template for the owl?

  2. Beth, you're too sweet :) The owl is from a Pink Paislee stamp set.

  3. Awesome cards! I have bookmarked your blog!!