Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crazy Monkey Love

I probably mentioned this when I first started this blog that it's named after my little demon dachsie. No, her real name isn't "monkey" but that's what we end up calling her most days. So, my mom surprised us with a stuffed monkey for her Valentine's gift. This dog has a serious thing for stuffed animals. Sometimes she cuddles with them but most of the time she's just trying to "kill" them. Oh well, it's cute anyhow.

I finally finished a page while cropping at a friends house. This is a first for me. I never get anything done at crops, which is why I usually don't like going to them. I'm a loner when it comes to scrappin. I get in the zone and don't really like interruptions but the biggest reason I don't like going to crops is the inability to pack my entire scraproom and take it with. I was able to just deal with it Friday night and used what little I thought to bring with me and it was so much easier than having all the choices at home. Maybe I should throw random things in a bag more often and scrap in the backyard or something :)

I used some BG Blush from my stash on this page and that felt good. Need to reduce the stash so I can feel less guilt when buying more. For the pink background, I traced a piece of scalloped cs and then cut it out.

Hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day!


  1. OMG- how cute is that.. a weiner dog and a monkey- LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. Love the layout. I feel the same way about going to crops. I love the interaction, but hate packing everything up.

    Have a great day, Denise

  3. How cute is she with her little monkey! Great LO - love the colors and the paper!

  4. That is true monkey love! What sweet pictures to scrapbook.

  5. Hey Cathy, I'm also a "loner" when it comes to scrapping...hard to do outside of my home where I have everything I might need. Afterall, you never know what you might want to try! I'm currently purging and sorting now, I think it will actually be easier if I have less stuff. It's amazing what you can do when you only have a limited supply.