Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I love funnelcake!!

These are a few more pics from our little weekend getaway last summer. We decided to steer clear of Atlanta and Six Flags and the crazy crowds and went down the less beaten path to Valdosta. (A friend of mine RAVED about Wild Adventures down there) So, as we pulled into the parking lot, we got a little worried when we saw this tiny little roller coaster that looked absolutely ancient. We already bought the tickets at home so we were kinda stuck and thought we'd just have to give it a try. This little park was SO much fun!! No lines, awesome rides, and enough to fill the day but not TOO much if ya know what I mean? The thing I remember the most about this day was dying to get my hands on a funnelcake and then seeing the goofy face my hubby made when he shoveled a huge forkful in his mouth. It was the end of the day and we were all tired and hot and he still found it in him to make us laugh!

So I have some crazy scrappin' plans this weekend with friends and plenty of LOs to keep me busy--we'll see what I come up with. I'm usually a solitary scrapper so it might not be much!

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