Thursday, August 14, 2008

My guys are trouble.

I did this one today in honor of their completely immature behavior whenever they get into the pool. Any pool. Most times I hang around for a bit and then make a speedy escape when I see a hotel manager making their way over. This particular night during our stay in Orlando, I didn't even go down to the pool. I was WAY too into Project Runway and figured I'd meet them down there when it was over. Well-no worries. They came back to the room after just 30 short minutes. Seems my hubby (while wrestling with my son in the pool) somehow managed to pop a guy in the face with his fist (totally unintentional) and they were so embarassed they left the pool. At least that's the story I got. Am I sure they weren't asked to leave by hotel management? no. Am I the only one that deals with this every stinkin' vacation??

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