Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I need a 12-step program...

The first step is recognizing you have a problem, right? Ya see, I have this little sub-addiction to my main addiction(that being sb supplies,of course). I cave at the sight of a new QK release. I can't help it. There's no stopping it. Just when I think I have enough stinkin' fonts around here, I convince myself there's always room for one more. Or 4 more, whatever the case may be. So this last week has been interesting for my mailman. I wonder if he wonders what the heck I'm ordering?? I think the mailman knows more about our lives than we do.

So, with the release of the new 4x8 alpha,which I wasn't too sure about on day 1 of the release, I then felt compelled to finally pick up the 12" platform for the Rev. I mean, ya never know when you might want to buy a 4x8 alpha, right? Quickly realizing I had no real need for the 12" platform without a 4x8 alpha, I then picked up 2 of those. One just wouldn't be enough justification. But in order to truly appreciate that 12" platform I needed to cut something 12" long so I then picked up 2 of the 12" borders. After all, those scallop borders are stinkin' cute. But then we need to back up a step. Two days prior to this, I had already convinced myself that my true love lies in the 2x2 alphas so I shamelessly picked up "just one more" of those. Now this morning I see a deal on a third 4x8 alpha I would be a fool to let slip by.

All said and done, I have had packages arriving all week from various QK meccas around the country (because in order to really justify this I had to shop around for the best deals-none of which was possible through one store as many of these were sold out at one store and not the other) and my mailman can now cancel his gym membership since he's having to step out of his little white truck and walk up to the house to leave the packages.

And now I feel like I've done my good deed for the week in keeping him healthy and fit.
I wonder what QK will release next month?

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  1. Well, because I too have a problem, I'm not the one to come to for support. I really believe it would take more than 12 steps to cure my problem with those wonderful QK dies! And, don't you have to admit there is a problem AND want help?.....ain't happening!!! LOL!