Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is it Friday yet??

It's just been one of those weeks. After many months of waiting and anxiety, hubby finally had his major dental surgery on Monday and is back to work today. He only had to wait 28 years after an accident all but destroyed the upper left side of his teeth to FINALLY have it all fixed. So now he'll have a whole new grille with 3 brand new implants hopefully in place by the end of the year. Funny thing is, I always thought his teeth just added to his ruggedly handsome good looks but he's always been a little self-conscious of them. He had tears in his eyes on Monday when he saw his new smile and that was just with the prosthetics in place! The docs did a fabulous job and we're really fortunate to be assigned to a post that just happens to be the Army's center for dental training. Yeah, I know, it's a little scary that he has a resident in training working on him but there's always a price even when it's "free". We just have to keep our fingers crossed that he heals well and all the steps to this long process happen on schedule so we can finish this before he retires next year :)

So, I've been working on more pages to my "book of us" and getting closer to completing it. These pics from when we met in Germany in 1995 have always been special to me but I'll cherish them even more now that his appearance has changed so much. Just a little reminder to him that I fell in love with the guy with the "messed up teeth" and I thought he was a total hottie! Now I'm afraid I'll never get him away from mirrors :)

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