Sunday, June 23, 2013

8"x6" Red White and Blue Mini-Album

Summer's here and I can't believe how fast it's moving already! The 4th is just around the corner and I got this mini done just in time. A few months ago I grabbed up an incredible steal on one of those daily scrapbook deal sites for the entire K&Co Americana collection. I had a few of the mat stacks from this collection already that I bought last summer, but I could never find much more of it in the stores last year and I was a little bummed. Imagine my delight when I saw the whole thing listed!

So... I know I just finished that baby album with K&Co papers, but I've been itchin' to use this collection so more K&Co it is!

I changed things up a bit on this one. For some reason, whenever I think of Patriotic type albums, I always envision them with a landscape orientation so that's the direction I took. I used the 6" binding on the album with 10 interior pages. Every page is different and I've designed 8 new features with lots of flaps and pockets, while still offering many of the base pages with room for large photos. There's 4 large pullout photo mats in side pockets, 5 smaller photo mats tucked inside of features and 6 journaling tags throughout.

I used a lot of embellishments from the collection, but I also incorporated the new USA 1776 stamp set from WaltzingMouse. This is my favorite patriotic stamp set to date and I couldn't wait to use it!

As I was making this album, I was thinking of all the photos that could be showcased so nicely in this. Besides the obvious 4th of July picnics, parades and fireworks, I could see using this for vacation photos of a trip to Washington, D.C., national parks, Mt. Rushmore, etc. One of my favorite ideas was using this for photos of a service member. I can especially see reunion pics after deployment going in an album like this. We always threw a party after my or my hubby's unit returned and I have so many photos of the friends we served with and the good times we shared upon a safe return and they need a home!

 This album is listed on eBay HERE ending on 6/30, if you're interested,but no worries--I've made myself one too!!

I'll be doing the tutorial writeup for this album this week and hope to have it in my Etsy shop by Friday. HERE is a link to the YouTube video of this mini showing all the little details.

Hope you all are enjoying the first weekend of summer!


  1. it! Can't wait until the tutorial is available. Yay!!