Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's Eve last night. Jeff and I spent the night watching hours of DVR'd shows to free up space and we were both crashed on the sofa before midnight. Guess you could say we must be getting old :).

I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, but I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for this next year. No big changes planned--just more focus on the things that matter most in my life. I intend to make those daily workouts at the gym really count. No more "oh, I'll just do 30 minutes today, I have a lot of things to take care of and can't really spend the time this morning". No more "I have plenty of time next weekend to work on that layout or that mini-album, but right now I have to vacuum". That means-- I have to work on better time management. Who doesn't, right? I think that's where my focus will be this year. Make the most of my time. You don't get it back. You don't get a do-over.

2009 was a turning point in our life. Jeff and I said goodbye to the Army when he retired in November after 20 years and one month of service. It was a stressful year. The transition from military life to the civilian world was a rough ride. It was a risky decision in a poor economy with so many unemployed. Thankfully, he has a new job working for a great bunch of people and we're finally starting to live the life we've dreamed about for so long. One with no fear of deployments, no fear of moving(at least not with just 30 days notice), and no lost time together.

I'm excited for what this new year holds for us. I'm gonna make every second count.

Here's hoping everyone embraces a new fresh start in 2010 and may you all have a productive, prosperous and happy year!


  1. Happy New Year Cathy. We have got to get together soon!
    Scrap Happy!

  2. Happy New Year! Here's to a year of time management, job security (we're still waiting on that one!), and lots of creative moments using whatcha got! LOL! Have a great day!