Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another page done!

This is the 2nd page I've finished in my Book of Us. This is Jeff and I right after he returned from a year deployment in Kosovo '01-'02. Can you see how pastey white we are? That's what a winter (or two) at Ft. Drum, NY will do to ya. The white glare behind us is the 5 feet of snow on the ground.There's a journaling page that goes next to this but I'm not quite finished with it (and the journaling might be a little too personal for me to slap on the internet). I love the way this book is turning out. I've meant to work on this for a couple years now and was always waiting for the right paper or the right album--or maybe for the right motivation. It's really been a challenge though working with this paper. I love it, and it makes me happy--it's just incredibly busy. Anyways, glad I have a start on this.

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